Top Earphone Brands 2017 – A Buyers Guide

If you enjoy having earphones in your ears listening to music, then you need to know the best brands that manufacture the best earphones. There has been a constant evolution over the years in regards to the best earbud brands. Looking at the features of each brand’s top earbud, we will highlight the most reputable earphone brands in 2017. This buyer’s guide will include one model from each brand to display the desirable features in an earphone.

Buyers guide for the top earphone brands in 2017


We will be looking at Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear as the EARPHONE sample earphone to give the features of this brand. Though it is a wired earphone, it produces a stellar sound that makes it a good option for music lovers. It has a sizeable cable of 4.2 feet that makes it perfect for keeping in the pocket. Due to the technical specifications of the earphones, the company produces different models for the two leading operating systems i.e. Android and iOS. The earphones are comfortable and quite hard to fall from the ears.


In looking at the RHA T10i, you will get an idea of the kind of earphones this brand produces. This model is a wired earphone with a cable length of 4.4 feet. Weighing 0.09 pounds, this lightweight earphone produces an amazing sound quality with a heavy bass. They are also very comfortable to wear, thus making them ideal earphones for any activity.


Beyerdynamic is a leading manufacturer of sound devices. The Beyerdynamic iDX 200 iE is one of the best earphones for Apple devices. It has a balanced sound that makes it perfect for extended music time. The earphone uses neodymium drivers and has a frequency response of 10 – 27,000Hz. The excellent sound quality is what sells this brand the most.


This brand produces some of the best earphone models in the world. The Shure SE215 is the perfect example of Shure earphones. It is a midrange in-ear earphone that is worth buying. It uses a dynamic driver type and has a frequency response of 22 – 17,500 kHz. The vibrant sound produced by the earphones makes this brand a top-selling one in 2017.

Beats Studio

Beats studio Beats studio is also among the top earphone brands in 2017. The perfect example from this brand is the Beats X, which is a wireless earphone. The sound quality is very great. One of the leading features that make it the best earphone is that it can charge in five minutes. You do not have to worry much about charging this wireless earphone.

These are the best earphone brands in 2017. Theses models are accurate representations of the earphone features of the brands.