Tips for Buying a Spy Camera

You have probably decided to purchase a spy camera. It does not matter whether you want to check on your employees or protect your property from vandalism; spy cameras have many uses. These types of cameras are not only for private investigators or police. By installing a spy camera, you can gather the evidence you want without any issue or stress. With several brands to choose from, how can you pick the right one? John Fox reviewed here some of the best spy cameras available on the market. These are some tips to help you purchase a hidden camera.


You need to know the purpose of buying a spy camera. There are different reasons to get a spy camera. The common uses include home security, investigations, crime prevention, entertainment, and more. The type of spy camera you choose depends on the situation you want to monitor. For instance, if you want to watch the footage remotely, you need a spy camera with Wi-Fi capability.

Type of Hidden Camera

loop recording spy cameraAfter pinpointing the exact need for your camera, you need to determine the right type to purchase. Nowadays, you can find mini spy cameras that are quite powerful and can easily be hidden. These types of cameras are quite versatile and can easily fit anywhere in your office or bedroom. There are also disguised covert cameras. These ones appear like smoke alarms, lamps, or radios. They can be connected to the mains power or powered by batteries. The good thing about these cameras is that they can be used without raising any suspicion.


There is a need to consider the place where you will position your spy camera. For instance, if you are planning to monitor your vehicle, then you need to install it outdoors. Thus, the ideal spy camera should be waterproof and have the capability to record at night. It is advisable to get a spy camera that can remain undetected in any given area.

Footage Quality

spy cameraYou also need to consider the quality of videos and images you get. If you want high-quality footage, then you should get an HD camera. You may also consider getting a motion-activated camera. This will ensure you do not spend a lot of time reviewing empty footage. If the spy camera is to be used to collect evidence, you ought to share the footage with courts and insurance companies. Thus, you should consider the people who will need the footage and ensure it is clear.