A Guide to an Automated Onboarding Process

Welcoming new employees is a crucial moment when you can finally meet the people who are ready to bring your company to the next level of success. The entire professional journey begins with an onboarding process. The term onboarding refers to a scheduled program to welcome the newly-hired employees to introduce them to the company’s profile. The initial meetings can be quite essential as it aims to deliver vital information about the company, along with the rules, policies, and regulations that they need to obey. It sounds far from complicated, but the actual practice proves otherwise.

It is when an automated onboarding becomes a new thing in the industry to cut back on expenses and make things easier to handle. Instead of the manual process, the HR department can now breathe a sigh of relief as the invention of onboarding software has helped them in unexpected ways.

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Formal Onboarding Procedures

Different companies may have different standards of what an ideal formal onboarding is all about. These different ideas are all valid, and they need to come up with the unique procedures that can distinguish them from other companies, especially when they have similar expertise and specialty. The first step is to create formal procedures that all departments in the company agree to. It should contain details of what needs to be delivered and what needs to be given or informed to the new employees. The moment is crucial as it involves information exchange to create a mutual understanding of what the company wants and needs.

Assess the Process

The next thing to do is to assess the procedures. In many cases, there are always errors and mistakes, including miscommunication between the company and the employees. It is why assessing and re-assessing the given and agreed procedures are vital. The company and the employees need to have a mutual understanding and goals that can accommodate their needs.

IT Work

The last thing to do is to work on the IT projects to ensure a secure and steady flow of information exchanged between the company and the new employees. One can begin with creating digital accounts of each of them, and the new employees can use it to submit their data and necessary information.

How To Choose A Contractor Estimating Software

Contractors are well known for giving out many quotations in their career. They may not have time to sit down and do endless calculations each time a potential client asks for a quote. At some point, they need to refer to such documents when a customer comes back and asks for services. Therefore, they need to have some form of a convenient estimating software for their services. When choosing one, then consider the following tips.

How to choose a contractor estimating software

Compatibility with all devices

SOFTWAREPeople use different devices like iPhones, Android smartphones, and PCs with Mac OS or Windows. Therefore, good software is one that can be installed in any of those and work correctly. Contractors are hardly in the offices and will need to access details while on the go using their devices. So, choose a software that will also allow you to log in into multiple devices at the same time without many complications.

Customizable software

Prices and other financial details do change with time. Therefore, the software one selects need to offer an option to change this easily while making a quote. Again quotes differ depending on how a client negotiates and other factors like cost of materials. Consider a software which will give you the power to make customizable quotes or even invoices without much of a hassle.

Keeps track of open quotes

Every quote or proforma invoice one sends has a great power to materialize into a business. As a matter of fact, this is where one must use a lot of effort pursuing. A software which keeps these quotes open acts a form of a reminder that one needs to act on them. Some have a capability to alert or notify through email that there are open quotes on the system.

Easy sending options

man and bulb Software with an easy option to send is the best as the contractors will be able to work without a hitch. They need to provide compatible documents like pdf which cannot be edited by the other part once sent. Easy importing and exporting options will help a contractor to send to clients email without making an error. The software must also have a backup to prevent loss.


As a contractor, technology will help you to serve your clients better. Just like embracing emails, social media, and digital marketing solutions, then it is crucial to have a quote processing software on the go.