Must-Have Features of a Gaming Motherboard

The motherboard is the part that defines the computer’s system. Additionally, it determines the speed of the machine, the capacity and other vital functions necessary for fully functional units. When using the computer for gaming purposes, it is essential that you consider the functions in the motherboard. You also need to determine if it will handle intensive gaming applications.

Graphics Card

graphics cardGaming applications heavily rely on graphics, so it is essential to have a high video memory capacity of between 256 MB and 512 MB. Standard motherboards usually have between 64 MB and 128 MB of built-in memory, so additional graphics are necessary for a gaming computer. Whenever any extra graphics card is installed, ensure that it is compatible with the motherboard you are using.

High Memory Capacity

For a great gaming experience, you need at least 1 GB of RAM. You can either go for a DDR RDRAM, SDRAM or DDR. The game’s graphics quality and speed can be compromised if the RAM is lower than 1 GB RAM. It is therefore critical to always go for at least 1 GB RAM capacity.

Enough PCI and USB Ports

The PCI slots are usually designed to accommodate additional cards to the motherboard. These can be a sound card, an Ethernet card or modem. For optimum gaming experience, you can connect other cards to the PCI slots o meet the demands of most gaming applications. The USB ports also have to be considered critically for additional capacity options.

Enough RAM Slotsmotherboard RAM slots

Gaming computers usually have high RAM requirements. It, therefore, requires at least 4 RAM slots. The RAM slots need to be compatible with the RAM used that should be at least 1100MHz capacity. Without enough RAM slots, the computer may not sustain high RAM requirements since RAM modules are connected separately and equally for highly functional RAM modules.

On-Board Video and Sound

Some motherboards are made with built-in sound and video capabilities. Remember, however, that onboard video is not good for 3D games. A separate graphics card must, therefore, be installed. Onboard sound function, on the other hand, is fine as the sound quality is almost the same as the sound produced in a separate sound card.

Ensure you consider these critical features when selecting a gaming motherboard. These features are also useful for assessing gaming ready motherboards sold in the market, so you can determine if the motherboard can perform well with your gaming applications.