Tips to convert Youtube videos to mp3 files

Music over the millennium has not only become an integral part of our lives, it has also become one of the most beloved human experiences. It fuels the mind and thus fuels our creativity. Everyone enjoys some sort of music, be it classical, jazz, metal or even rap, and everyone surely has a set tune of their own. Funnily though, it is the only way to take a shift of emotions from ‘depressing’ to ‘euphoric’ in a matter of minutes. From graduation ceremonies to weddings, music holds such an essential part that it’s almost unforgiving to be living in without its presence. Music righteously is the Language of the Universe; there, without a doubt are no boundaries to understanding music. It’s a remedy for emotions and amazingly, being embedded in all of us, helps bring people together.

With the release of the iconic internet sensation YouTube, people have easily been able to get updates on their favorite TV Shows, Movies, games and even enjoy their old and newly released tracks. It has not only become the most prominent, but has also been praised and preferred over all other video hosting websites.

However, streaming the same video time and again to listen to your favorite songs is quite a burden. What happens when you’re in a tunnel taking the subway or in between a zombie apocalypse not able to connect to the internet, how do you plan on listening to your favorite tracks then?

Well, now can you not only enjoy your most cherished songs, but also be able to listen to them without even having being connected to a satellite!

Ever since the release of Youtube, the lust to have hands on all the uploaded videos, saving them onto your local device has now been reformed into a reality. There are hundreds of websites offering the service to convert online videos into mp3 format to enjoy the sound of your most beloved music onto your device without having them to buffer. Most of these websites however, cannot be trusted. They often tend to lead the user into downloading some malicious software or to somehow have them register onto their website.

The website lets you easily download your favorite tracks on Youtube by converting them to an mp3 that can be saved onto your device.

So how do I do this, you ask? Outlined below are some easy steps helping you to convert your Youtube video to an mp3 file, –

Enter the name of the songusing tab

Enter the name of your song or copy the Youtube video URL in the Audioham Searchbar. – The drop down list shows your song based on the categories of artist, albums and tracks.

Press enter

After entering the name of the song, hit ENTER. – Below listed will be the results of your searchbar query.

Click on the green button

Hit the green button with an arrow, this will start your video conversion to mp3 format. You can further transfer this mp3 file to your mobile, iPod, or any other device you carry to make sure you’re connected with your favorite tracks always.


mp3After getting the converted version of your song you can choose to share it with your friends and family. Sharing can be in the form of sending the song as an e mail or you can use technologies like blue tooth or infrared.