FAQs About The Best Youtube Vlogging Cameras

Vlogging on Youtube can be profitable as well as help in brand reputation building. However, not many people know that the secret lies in using the best camera to shoot the videos. A good video will attract and glue people to it helping one to generate many clicks and views within a short time. What YouTubers use to vlog are the high-end cameras which need a lot of caution when buying. So, the following questions and answers will help get the best camera.

FAQs about the best Youtube vlogging camera

Is it the latest model?

photographer With every new model, reliable manufacturers will advance their cameras by an addition of new features. Therefore, the most recent model is the one to guarantee the best features on that series. In fact, most people are keen on this and just like cell phones; they will first research the latest before heading to the shops.

What is the brand?

We all know the giants in camera manufacturing, and we seek their products with passion. If the seller promises a brand you have never heard of and requests you to try, then you need to make a very hard decision. The reputable camera giants are the best to select to avoid disappointments of mediocre videos or going back to the shop after a short while.

What is the video resolution?

Today, we have the 4K resolution as the best and cameras that come with this capability are the best. However, the 1080P are equally good and will provide clear videos. Do not take anything below that as it will hinder your entertainers from enjoying the best. Upper-resolution cameras also have high stabilization rates that enable people to achieve the best videos at any time.

Do they have selfie mode?

vloggers Most vloggers need to have the ability to capture all angle videos including selfies. Thus, a big number of them will go for the ones with a flip LCD screen for a good view while taking selfies. Apart from the screen, they also need to have a standby button which enables one to switch from normal mode to selfie mode very fast. Such speed helps them not to miss any moment in real time.

What is the price?

A concern for price cuts across to anyone. People are concerned to get the best their budget can afford. As much as most cameras will cost the same, a good price comparison will help one to pick the best.

Top Earphone Brands 2017 – A Buyers Guide

If you enjoy having earphones in your ears listening to music, then you need to know the best brands that manufacture the best earphones. There has been a constant evolution over the years in regards to the best earbud brands. Looking at the features of each brand’s top earbud, we will highlight the most reputable earphone brands in 2017. This buyer’s guide will include one model from each brand to display the desirable features in an earphone.

Buyers guide for the top earphone brands in 2017


We will be looking at Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear as the EARPHONE sample earphone to give the features of this brand. Though it is a wired earphone, it produces a stellar sound that makes it a good option for music lovers. It has a sizeable cable of 4.2 feet that makes it perfect for keeping in the pocket. Due to the technical specifications of the earphones, the company produces different models for the two leading operating systems i.e. Android and iOS. The earphones are comfortable and quite hard to fall from the ears.


In looking at the RHA T10i, you will get an idea of the kind of earphones this brand produces. This model is a wired earphone with a cable length of 4.4 feet. Weighing 0.09 pounds, this lightweight earphone produces an amazing sound quality with a heavy bass. They are also very comfortable to wear, thus making them ideal earphones for any activity.


Beyerdynamic is a leading manufacturer of sound devices. The Beyerdynamic iDX 200 iE is one of the best earphones for Apple devices. It has a balanced sound that makes it perfect for extended music time. The earphone uses neodymium drivers and has a frequency response of 10 – 27,000Hz. The excellent sound quality is what sells this brand the most.


This brand produces some of the best earphone models in the world. The Shure SE215 is the perfect example of Shure earphones. It is a midrange in-ear earphone that is worth buying. It uses a dynamic driver type and has a frequency response of 22 – 17,500 kHz. The vibrant sound produced by the earphones makes this brand a top-selling one in 2017.

Beats Studio

Beats studio Beats studio is also among the top earphone brands in 2017. The perfect example from this brand is the Beats X, which is a wireless earphone. The sound quality is very great. One of the leading features that make it the best earphone is that it can charge in five minutes. You do not have to worry much about charging this wireless earphone.

These are the best earphone brands in 2017. Theses models are accurate representations of the earphone features of the brands.

Top Gadgets Every Woman Should Have

Gadgets are usually seen associated with men. This is evidenced by the huge variety of advertisements about latest gadgets, games, and techy stuff in men’s magazines. Surprisingly, women are not very far behind men and are steadily catching up with their male counterparts. Well, women rely on or use many gadgets. Some of which you are reviewed at www.gadgetreviews.io. These gadgets could be home related, office devices and many other beauty gadgets. Here are some popular devices used by modern women.

Notable Mentions


This might be an obvious device to make it into this list. Most women have smartphones just like their male counterparts. To many women, a smartphone is a necessity. With it, one can keep in touch with their pals, do business, and ensure everything goes as planned back at home.


Well, women take considerably more time to get ready. Moreover, they might also be held back by house chores only to fail to keep up with time. Having a watch can be a good way to help stay ahead of time. When it comes to making a fashion statement, a decent watch like a Rado, Swatch, Rolex, or a Fossil can be too good to ignore. Notably, watch manufacturers are very aware of the attachment women have on a good watch. As such, there are unique designs that have a feminine touch, specially made for women.


Cameras are used to capture those memorable moments. As such, any woman would welcome the idea of being snapped. This could be during a casual get together, their first date, or with members of their close families. Relying on a camera from a friend is not good enough. Instead, most women find it necessary having one in their possession.

Computers – Laptop

LAPTOPThis gadget is not hard to get. Not only in women, has everyone needed a decent laptop these days. A laptop is an indispensable unit when it comes to social networking, entertainment along with many other needs. With improved internet speeds and versatility of modern laptop models, a laptop completes most aspects of life. This could be in education, online jobs along with social networking.

Kitchen gadgets

When it comes to the kitchen, every woman loves having a device that makes everything easy. As such, this like microwaves, fridges, toasters, blenders and many others are simply indispensable. With such gadgets, women can do more in less time.